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The Association for Promotion of Education, Culture, and Sport EDUCATION FOR ALL – Skopje

The Association for Promotion of Education, Culture, and Sport Education for All Skopje is a voluntary, nonprofit, non-governmental and non-partisan union of citizens  with a seat in Centar Municipality of Skopje. Its memebers gathered to work with joint forces towards improvement of the educational, cultural, and sports climate in the Republic of North Macedonia and broader, and to give their contribution to providing equal access to a quality education, cultural and sport activities for all. 

The main focus of Education for All Skopje has been fostering inclusion in the educational and child care institutions and has participated in several EU projects on inclusion of persons with disabilities:

  • Erasmus+ KA 2: Implementing the International Classification of Functioning (ICF). Improving training and quality assurance processes of trans-sectoral support for persons with disability (Implement ICF) (2022-2024) - coordinator
  • Erasmus+ KA 2: Inclusion-Friendly Classroom: The ICF as a Problem-Solving Tool for the Team Around the Child in Educational Settings (Include with ICF) - (2022-2024) - coordinator
  • Erasmus+ KA 2: A Common Language for the First 1000 Days (2019-2021) – coordinator
  • Erasmus+ KA 2: A Common Language for School (2018-2021)
  • Erasmus+ KA 3: Fostering social inclusion for all through artistic education: developing support for students with disabilities – INARTdis (2020-2023)
  • Erasmus+ KA 2: Digital Inclusive Education: Leaving No One Behind in the Digital Era – DigIn (2021-2023)
  • Erasmus+ KA 2: Project Naturalistic Instruction: Exploding and Transferring Evidence-Based Strategies for Early Childhood Inclusion Professionals (2022-2024).

Rozita Petrinska Labudovikj, MA, MSc
is the president of the Association and a member of the executive board. Her professional experience of 20 years encompasses teaching English in different types of educational institutions, providing translation services as a certified court translator, managing an academic library and managing international projects. Rozita Petrinska Labudovikj has taken part in different projects dealing with persons with disabilities, most of them funded by EU and the US State Department.  Her fields of expertise include project management, quality management, education, culture, public awareness raising.