The Municipality of Centar was formed in 1976 and it is one of the ten municipalities in Skopje, the capital of Republic of

The Municipality is a central core of the city and the country, with 46,749 inhabitants. Because of its location and importance, the largest numbers of institutions in the country that have administrative, political, educational, cultural and commercial, but also residential character are located in this municipality.

Legal competencies: Urban planning and management, Environmental and natural protection, Local Economic Development, Communal Activities, Culture, Sport and
recreation, Education, Social and child care, Health prevention, Prevention and protection of citizens and material goods.
Number of employees: 115.

The Municipality of Centar has implemented the project: „Citizens Service Centre in Municipality of Centar“ in partnership with NGO ORT-Training for sustainable development, financed by EU Phare Program for Local Development. The project activities enable citizens participation in decision making process.

Also, Municipality of Centar has implemented the project: EMAS in Municipality of Centar, financed by REC Office Budapest, where Environmental Audit Scheme was established for
improvement of environmental performance of the Municipality.

Also, representatives from Municipality has participated on international training seminars, events and Conferences in Italy, Montenegro and Hungary, related to local development,
urban sustainability, risk management, Education etc. The Municipality of Centar has competence for primary education, through eight municipal primary schools, which are located on its territory. In these schools, 4,730 students receive their primary education.

The municipal primary schools in the Municipality employ 335 teachers. The municipality has worked on several Erasmus + projects, and also has many years of experience in teaching activities and activities outside of the school.

The municipality has organized several trainings for the teachers from the schools and we have excellent cooperation with the professionals in the schools. The Municipality has also implemented and was involved into the implementation of numerous projects on improvement of the inclusive education, and it is also focusing on supporting the implementation of ICF in the educational sector.

The inclusion of children in educational settings is very important for the Municipality of Center. Currently a project called “Education for All” is being implemented, with which the Municipality envisage hiring people as personal assistants for students with disabilities in the eight primary schools in the municipality. The goal of this project is to use different modules to support all target children in several directions, namely: inclusion of children with disabilities in the education system; improving their social integration; support in mastering the educational contents and facilitating the movement and access through the school premises.

Tackling inclusion, the Municipality of Center is supporting the implementation of ICF in the school sector, as the ICF offers a basis for cooperation between the different
stakeholders in the schools, and more importantly it offers focus on the abilities of the children. Therefore, the goal of the Municipality is to move toward the usage of ICF and motivate the schools toward creation of the individual educational and support plans, based on the ICF and its ability-oriented approach. As the Municipality is responsible for the schools on their territory, as well as for the work of the schools, the Municipality will be able to involve all the schools in this project, in terms of piloting the produced project results, but also in terms of mainstreaming and sustainable usage of the project results into the municipal schools, also after the project end.