is a private SME dealing with research and training in the field of persons with disability, specifically with children. Activities are offered europewide, in terms of ICF-trainings, research and implementation processes.The trainings are mostly offered within the LLL contexts (operative professionals in the field of health, education, social). Dr. Pretis is actively involved in UNICEF activities, mainly in Central and East Europe (CEE), focusing on ICF and tools related wit ICF (e.g. Unicef supported training of family doctors in SKopje, 6/2017), consultancy towards NMK and BG disability commissions. (3/16; 10/16; 1/19).

Prof. Dr. Manfred Pretis
Dr. Pretis offers quality management training, evaluation and counseling related to the implementation of ICT tools related to services working with children with disability and their family.

Prof. Pretis is part of WHO advisory board on the WHO/UNICEF concept of “Nuturing Care”.